Hello! I'm Sarah, I founded ARTdog and facilitate all of our classes. Sanders is my studio dog, only 9-weeks old in the picture above. He’s a Bernese Mountain Dog and much larger now! Sanders assists with most of our programming and gets to go on a walk each afternoon to pickup kiddos for After School Art Club.

Art has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember... I excitedly collected "treasures" anytime I was out and about as a kid so that I could take them home and build with, felt most at home in any and every art class I took throughout my years of school, sold pet portraits to create a small income during graduate school, turned my last tiny apartment into a screen printing + woodworking shop and continue to play with different mediums. 

I studied psychology in college, earned my Masters in Education, Education Specialist degree in Educational and Counseling Psychology, worked as a school psychologist in elementary and middle schools and as a therapist in private practice. I found art to be a natural and powerful tool to integrate into my work with kids and loved watching the creative process unfold. I approach my role at the Studio much like I have throughout my career in education and mental wellness - I respect each child as incredibly creative and capable, ask open-ended questions to guide and step back to create space for their ideas, self-expression and problem-solving to unfold. I look forward to meeting you and helping to guide your child through the joyful and powerful process of creating.