No School Camps

No school means a joyful art-filled day at the studio! Each day of No School Camp is structured around a theme or art medium with a lot of open-endedness built in to empower your child to engage in the creative process as they see fit. We'll explore the theme/medium and open our minds to creative possibilities, create at our own pace throughout the studio, take breaks for lunch/snacks, play art games and go home with our creative hearts happy and full.

Parents’ Night Out

Drop your child off at the studio for an evening of joyful art making and go spend the evening out or relax at home. Each month we'll do a different themed art project or seasonally inspired craft. We'll build with wood, make cardboard creations, paint with unusual tools like cars and drills and more! Your child will have a blast exploring different materials, making a creative mess, eating pizza and popcorn.

**Art Club members save $10 with promotion code: artclubmember (register siblings separately to apply the discount for each kiddo)

Haunted Doghouse Workshop

Saturday October 26 11-12:30

Join us for this special Halloween workshop hosted by our studio dog, Sanders. We’ll use up-cycled materials to build haunted doghouses (or cat condos!) complete with spiders, skulls and other spooky decorations. Perfect for all animal-loving makers ages 4-10.

Mindful Art Series

First Saturdays 2-3pm / Second Thursdays 1-2pm

Our year-long mindfulness series will incorporate practices that connect children to themselves through breath work, games, stories, movement, and art with lessons designed to provide children with a solid foundation to build their own healthy self-regulation. In each class, we’ll use art to foster understanding of mindfulness, as well as empower children to utilize art as a mindfulness practice in their daily lives. We will feature different media and techniques across the year to expose children to a wide variety of mindfulness-based art experiences and we’ll provide resources and suggestions for further integration at home.

Monthly Themes 

January: Intro to Mindfulness: Glitter Jars 
February: Mindfulness of Breath: Watercolor Resist Paintings 
March: Mindful Listening: Painting a Song 
April: The Five Senses: Aromatherapy Clay Creations 
May: Mindfulness of Body: Body Tracing Self-Portraits 
June: Mindfulness of Thoughts: Marble Painting 
July: Mindfulness of Emotions Part 1 (Awareness): Cardboard Mood Masks 
August: Mindfulness of Emotions Part 2 (Responding): Mandala Printmaking 
September: Cultivating Joy: Mixed Media Collage 
October: Empowered Communication: Affirmation Animals 
November: Gratitude: Thankful Trees 
December: Kindness: Dyed Wooden Hearts

Home Extension 

Each month we’ll provide ideas for bringing mindfulness into your home, including book suggestions, games, discussion topics, and art. We’ll provide ideas for your child to use each media on their own, as well as prompts for a collaborative art journal for you and your child to work on together. This unique experience will nurture your connection with your child as you bring more presence and creativity into your daily lives.


The year-long series price is now closed. You may register for a single drop-in session at anytime during the series (each class is designed to stand alone). Each session is $20.