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5 Reasons Creative Play is Essential for Your Child

A chance to slow down

Kids lead busy lives. Their days demand a great deal of energy and focus between fast-paced school curricula, homework and extracurricular activities. Creative play provides an opportunity for kids to pause, process and make sense of their worlds and express their emotions in a healthy way.

Let minds wander

When kids slow down, their minds are given the space to wander. This space (sometimes referred to as boredom) is necessary for kids to use their imaginations and drive their own play. When children are allowed to let their minds wander, they come up with novel ideas, experiment with unique combinations of materials, plan and problem-solve. 

Make mistakes 

When creating something new, kids imagine, tinker and take action. Mistakes and mishaps are inevitable. When the process doesn’t go as planned, frustration often follows. Creative play helps kids develop self-regulation skills to manage stress and the flexibility to adjust and shift their approach. 

Build confidence

As kids take charge of their creative process, they learn to view themselves as capable and increasingly trust their instincts. They learn about their strengths, abilities and interests. They develop a growth mindset and become more willing to try when things are hard. 

Create joy

Children are naturally creative. When given unstructured time, a nurturing and creative space and a variety of materials to explore, kids engage fully in the act of making. Being completely engaged in something is called flow, a state that gives rise to purpose and joy. Making creates joy.